Delivering vital first aid to The Gambia

Please help us to save lives

Delivering vital
first aid to
The Gambia

Please help us
to save lives

Dinala Gis-Waat Duyaga

(In the Wolof language, "See you soon")

We need your help.

Every year, many people in The Gambia get seriously ill or die due to the lack of primary health care which the country simply cannot afford. Many deaths and infections could be prevented with basic up to date first aid knowledge and equipment.

In The Gambia more than two million people rely on five dangerously overstretched hospitals for their medical care. The requirement for good First Aid would seem obvious to us, yet access to even basic equipment and training remains poor.

First aid training and equipment can help the Gambians respond to daily health related problems and possible life-threatening situations.

First Aid For Gambia Jeep
First Aid for Gambia - Success

You can make a difference.

Now, more than ever, we need your help. First Aid 4 Gambia is targeted, First Aid training and equipment for staff and helpers at schools, nurseries, and local communities in The Gambia. Through your donations & volunteering to run fund-raising events you are helping our team continue their valuable work.

You could also volunteer to join our outreach team in The Gambia for a week or two, where you can help deliver crucial life-saving training and equipment to those who need it the most. You can donate or volunteer from the menu to the left.

We currently train & supply 82 schools and which cover over 22,000 school children, not to mention their families.

Thank you… Abaraka

First Aid 4 Gambia


There are many people from all walks of life involved in the running and fund raising of First Aid 4 Gambia. There is always so much to do and never enough help or resource. Please see our volunteer and donation pages and help us, train the people of The Gambia to help themselves.


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