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The new FirstAid4Gambia website homepage

New Website

The original website, designed back in 2009, served the charity very well for many years, and some will be sad to see it go. However, design trends and practices evolve, and the time had come for a rethink.

This is when Neil became involved. Yes, I’m writing about myself in the 3rd person! He became aware of the decision to look for a new designer from a family member. His partner’s daughter was volunteering for the charity, involving a trip to the Gambia. She had noticed the call for a designer on the charity’s Facebook page. So the initial contact was made with Bill.

Although contact was made before the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, is was finished off during this time. This all happened after some internal re-organising for the Charity, with new blood coming on-board. An ideal time to relaunch the website.

In case you’ve forgotten, or are missing the old one, this is what it looked like.

The techy bits

The new site was written using WordPress, the single most popular platform used in the Internet today. It provides a robust framework, and virtually unlimited functionality to future-proof anything you’re ever likely to need. The charity’s officers are also able to login and manage their own entries.

About Neil

Neil (jokingly) describes himself as mixed-race. He has an English mother, and Scottish father. With a background in engineering (automotive) and IT, he’s no stranger to all things techy. But he’s not a one-trick-pony either. He also runs a commercial beekeeping business on the south coast of England. His website design experience, goes back almost 20 years, but his website design company wasn’t formally incorporated until 2017.

Reverting to the 1st person, I’ve been hugely honoured, to be trusted in creating this new site for First Aid 4 Gambia, and I wish it all the best in this next chapter of it’s work.

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FirstAid4Gambia Report March 2020

Report – March 2020

I am pleased to report that all outstanding accounts have now been audited and are being uploaded and approved by OSCR. Hopefully by the middle of next week we will be back in compliance. I must thank George Carruthers our auditor for his outstanding work and assistance on getting this arranged. My thanks also go out to Momodou Laineh in The Gambia for his continued hard work and making sure that our training programs are delivered to a high standard.In the last 12 months we have made good steady progress

  • May 2019 First Aid 4 Gambia registered in The Gambia – Number 30139/C9116. The committee is formed and in charge of all financial affairs and management in The Gambia.
  • February 2020 we were able to purchase a vehicle to be able to continue our work. This was funded from First Aid 4 Gambia UK and donated to the Gambian charity.
  • 82 schools/communities are in our program receiving first aid supplies every 12 months and staff training every 2 years ( 283 staff trained this year)
  • 22,000 children covered by our program
  • We have also worked with Scouts, Sports Groups, Lifeguards , Commercial organisations and Vocational Training Centres to train a further 143 people. This brings the total number trained to 430
  • We achieved all this with an expenditure of £8334. This is much higher than our normal expenditure due to cost of vehicle purchase.

Please email to request a full copy of the accounts in pdf. format

Extract of main figures.

OSCR are in the process of updating our information and we hope it will be completed by about 21st May

Currently all work in The Gambia is suspended due to current Covid19 regulations.

This is also creating some challenges in the UK for our normal fundraising activities.

We will be holding a full virtual AGM in the near future making use of conferencing technology.

To all our supporters my thanks on behalf of the Charity.

These accounts were adopted by the committee on 15th May 2020.

Stay safe all,

Bill Nelson

Chair / Trustee

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